Product Categories

Case Studies

  • Self-Service Checkout

    The client, the world’s leading firm in retail and banking kiosk solutions, approached our company with regards to a new solution that they wanted to outsource; the engineering and manufacturing of a self-service checkout retail kiosk for supermarkets and convenience stores. The proposal from the client was they were looking for a specialist manufacturing company that had experience and expertise to deliver a quality product.

  • Currency Collection Kiosk

    The client, who is a major player in the international market operating in converting cash deposits into gift-cards and donations, approached KT to come up with a kiosk terminal that could accept a host of different types of foreign currencies and store them safely in a kiosk environment.

  • Betting Terminal

    The client, whose primary business is operating in the sports betting market, wished to search for a company that specialized in the manufacturer of kiosks that could accept payments. The customer, back in 2012, began operations in Belgium with a mind to fast track via installed volume of sports betting terminals, to be considered one of the main players in the growing market of sports betting.

  • Medical Terminal

    The client, whose primary business is operating as pharmaceutical suppliers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Gulf region of Middle East, wish to launch a medical kiosk terminal that was able to provide primary health monitors for heart-rate, fat-content, height and weight and at same time have an advertising panel to promote the service. The company executive management approached KT with a mind to build kiosk terminals for them based on a custom design that KT was to produce for use in the medical self-service kiosk environment.

  • Internet Terminal

    The client, which is a governmental body under the department of Ministry of Interior in France, posted a call for proposals for internet kiosks to be installed into local firefighting stations throughout Normandy. Our partner in France, after submitting its proposal, was awarded the tender by the Ministry of Interior in France to deliver a complete internet kiosk solution.